The spirit of the Chinese people. With an essay on Civilization and anarchy (1922)

The spirit of the Chinese people. With an essay on Civilization and anarchy
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Did you ever hear a small boy complain of having to hang about a railway station and wait for a train? About what? Taipei: Linking Publishing Co. Of these four countries, only Mali has a conflict score lower than , and Sudan, Mauritania and Chad are part of what Prof , source: Songs of the Spoiled. This is a reprint of a very old book so there might be some imperfections like blurred pages, poor images or missing pages. Did you ever hear a small boy complain of having to hang about a railway station and wait for a train?

The incisive genius of a The Bolshevik Dictatorship At Work It must be left to the future historian to determine whether the Bolshevik repression of the bourgeoisie, with which they started, their rule, was not merely a means towards the ulterior purpose of suppressing all the other non-Bolshevik elements. For the Russian bourgeoisie was not really dangerous to the Revolution. As is well known, it was an insignificant minority, unorganized, without definite solidaric interests and entirely powerless.

The revolutionary elements, on the contrary, were a real obstacle to the dictatorship of any political party. The elimination of the revolutionary elements would be of prime necessity to any dictatorship, because su Page numbers are in the source code. In the Foreign Office correspondents were about and visitors come by appointment with Tchicherin.

The People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs has turned night into day.

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I found Tchicherin at a desk in a large, cold office, an old shawl wrapped around his neck. Almost his first question was "how soon the revolution could be expected in the States. In a revolutionary time like the present, he thought, even the Federation of Labor must quickly change to a more radical attitude. He was very hopeful of rev This letter gives us the truth about the terrible persecution of Anarchists in Russia. We ask all Anarchist and Syndicalist papers to republish this letter, and we hope comrades in this country will help us in pushing the sale of this issue, of which we have printed a much larger number than usual.

Dear Comrades, The persecution of the revolutionary elements in Russia has not abated with the changed political and economic policies of the Bolsheviki. On the contrary, it has become more intense, more determined.

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The spirit of the Chinese people: with an essay on civilisation and anarchy. [ Hung-ming Ku] Publisher: Pkking [sic]: Commercial Press, Edition/ Format. The spirit of the Chinese people. With an essay on Civilization and anarchy. by: Ku, Hung-ming, Publication date:

The prisons of Russia, of Ukraina, of Siberia, are filled with men and women aye, in some cases with mere children who dare hold views that differ from those of the ruling Communist Party. We say hold views advisedly. For in the Russia of to-day it is not at all necessary to express From : TheAnarchistLibrary. This is an evening of confession, and I therefore at once confess myself a lawbreaker, a criminal -- if you will -- and a convict.

Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman, I beg your kind indulgence, for the convict's manner is uncouth, his speech ragged, his thoughts indecently naked. For only the convict, the outcast from the fold of commonplace respectability and dull conformity, can afford the luxury of frank, honest expression. And I should be honest with you -- not only because of my lack of respect for that which is respected but the general consensus of stupidity, but rather because I hold in high res The World War, the Russian Revolution, and the present international reaction have resulted in the disorganization of our movement in the disheartening and disillusionment of many comrades.

We are facing a serious task of reorganization; many vital problems are pressing for solution -- problem so grave that they can be solved only by the closest cooperation of the comrades in a spirit of mutual understanding earnestness and responsibility. That at such a momentous time there should develop in our midst the spirit of petty personalities and strife is more than tragic.

It is positively criminal. The growing tendency of irrespo Ellis Island, New York, U. WITH pencil and scraps of paper concealed behind the persons of friends who had come to say good-bye at the Ellis Island Deportation Station, Alexander Berkman hastily scribbled the last lines of this pamphlet. I THINK it is the best introduction to this pamphlet to say that before its writing was finished the rulers of America began deporting men directly and obviously for the offense of striking against the industrial owners of America.

My bourgeois father and aristocratic mother. Jews and gentiles. I question my father about the Turkish prisoners of war begging alms in the streets. Echoes of the Polish rebellion of I hear of the dreaded Nihilists and revolution. The assassination of Czar Alexander II. Secret groups in our class. Police search our house. Uncle Maxim is arrested for conspiring against the Czar's Life.

The funeral of the dead Czar. A terrorized city. If you did, then your answer must have been that it is because the people support those institutions, and that they support them because they believe in them.

That is the crux of the whole matter: present-day society rests on the belief of the people that it is good and useful. It is founded on the idea of authority and private ownership. It is ideas that maintain conditions. Government and capitalism are the forms in which the popular ideas express themselves. Ideas are the foundation; the ins It was tragic enough to witness the Socialists and other radicals of Europe swept off their feet by the murderous blast that is turning Europe into a human slaughterhouse.

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But the attitude of the Social Democrats could at least be explained to some extent: they have remained good patriots and believers in the State and authority, with all the prejudices and narrow attitude of bourgeois morality and nationalism. But Kropotkinthe clear Anarchist thinker, the uncompromising revolutionist and antigovernmentalisthe take sides in the European slaughter and give aid and encouragement to this or that government?

We could not believe ittill we read Kropotkins own statement in the Jewish Anarchist weeklythe Fraye Arbeter Shtimeand the letter reprinted above. It is a most painful THE JOBLESS By Alexander Berkman Generally speaking, there is neither any sincere and intelligent plan among the reformers, of whatever hue, to solve this great problem, nor any possibility of a thorough and final solution of unemployment within the legal and industrial boundaries of present-day capitalist society.

Unemployment is no sporadic phenomenon of modern life. It is inherent in the character and mode of functioning of our industrial system. The jobless man is always with us, and industrial crises or stagnation, eliminating hundreds of thousands of workers, for a longer or shorter period, from the field of labor, are events of regular and inevitable recurrence.

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The causes of unemployment are ridiculously simple, and therefore so l Long years of war, revolution, and civil struggle had bled Russia to exhaustion and brought her people to the brink of despair. But at last civil war was at an end: the numerous fronts were liquidated, and Wrangel -- the last hope of Entente intervention and Russian counter-revolution -- was defeated and his military activities within Russia terminated.

The people now confidently looked forward to the mitigation of the severe Bolshevik rgime. It was expected that with the end of civil war the Communists would lighten the burdens, abolish war-time restrictions, in The Lesson of the 11th Nov. We have assembled here today to honor the memory But not merely to honor their memory. They are dead and the loving one cannot be recalled to life; but the living may profit by the experience of the past. And this is the great curse of humanity that we seldom, very seldom profit by the experience of the years behind. And yet, the lesson of the past is very simple; if it teaches us anything it is the persistence of the idea. Persecution -- the prison and scaffold, and tortures and fire and the cross were used to strangle the idea -- in vain; even persecution but goes to nourishing the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. It gath Whether we shall ever meet again, who know?

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I am losing hope, together with many other things I have been losing since December. But still I cling to the straws of possibilities. If I could at least hear from yourself as to how things stand, and whether he near or even the distant future may be looked forward to with any expectation. But in any event, and whatever may be hidden in the lap of the Gods for me, should even no line ever reach you from me again, you need but re-read my notes from Ellis Island, or to recollect their contents in case the notes do not exist any more, and to feel that they express my feelings now just as they did then.

That is sufficient to say, and I know you will understand, even if you can reach me with no reply. My thoughts fly to you across the seas and the mountains, and all the love of my heart. His martyrdom has called forth almost universal indignation against the cabal of priest and ruler that doomed a noble man to death. The thinking, progressive elements throughout the world have voiced their protest in no ambiguous manner. Everywhere sympathy has been manifested for Ferrer, the modern victim of the Spanish Inquisition, and deep appreciation expressed for his work and aims.

In short, the death of Ferrer has succeeded - as probably no other martyrdom of recent history - in rousing the social conscience of man.