Red-Hot Nights: Daring in the Dark / Share the Darkness (Mills & Boon M&B) (24 Hours, Book 6)

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I am looking for a book about an architect who is greek and goes back his small hometown an meets the local elementary school music teacher. I know at one point in the book they help a local apple farmer harvest their apples. I think that it might be from sillohuette romance. Hi, I'm looking for a romance novel I read years ago. I've searched everywhere and have found no trace of it so any help would appreciated because I'm going crazy looking for it. Here's what I remember: -The heroine was a widow. I believe her dead husband was older and cruel. Hi I'm new here but I have been looking for a book for a long time.

So here goes. It's a romance book. Modern but has flashbacks.

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I don't know the title or author. Please help! The main male character becomes a famous NFL player so the main female character can find him 2. As a teenager the woman has witnessed a horrible crime so she is on the run but the guy doesn't know that. She becomes pregnant as a teenager but gets amnesia so she forgets the father of the child. She remembers later in life when her son is a teenager and goes to find her son's dad. It turns out she is sick but the man is determined to take care of her and figure out why she left.

Hope someone can help me find the title and author of this book. I read this book in the 's maybe early 90"s. Book cover photo showed the head of a woman, curly brown hair, blue sequin dress cut down to the navel and a sapphire pendant, gift of her murdered Italian husband. She writes a trashy romance novel this was in the days of Judith Krantz and gets rich and famous.


Hi everyone, I don't normally post to things, but this one is driving me mad- thought it was a stephanie laurens but can't find a matching description A lady decides to take a lover after her husband dies, everyone assumes she has been cuckolding her husband but he was actually gay and treating her something like a favourite niece. Her previous 'lovers' were actually other gay men that he was friends or in a relationship with.

He has married her because he witnessed her bring jilted for her sister because her sister is supposedly prettier. Also the man she chooses as a lover is supposed to be a reprobate living in a house of ill repute, but it's actually more like a shelter for women. I'm Trying out the name and the author of a book. Ok so I'm thinking of a book pretty sure it's historical but not positive. I think the heroine was raised by Indians but might be highlands or something else.

All I can remember is that the hero is always saying I love you and getting frustrated because she won't. She instead says things like " my heart sings when you walk in the room" and stuff like that.

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When he demands she say I love you she explains why she doesn't something about the words not having meaning. It's a lot like Julie garwood's lions lady but not quite.

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And it's driving me crazy!!!! Hi everyone, forget my request, I found it myself, it was Mary Balogh.

Thanks for letting us know you found it. Ok, I read this book many years ago, I think it's early nineties.

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It is Historical Romance with a couple locations. Starts out with heroine taking two lords to an inn for her uncle, where one deflowers her. Her uncle throws her out so the lord keeps her as a mistress and takes her back to London. She then stows away on his ship to the carabian where she finds out she is pregnant. They cannot be together because of his status.

He then had to fight in a war and marries a nun as a favor to her father, then the nun died. He returns to find the mistress has married an older man whom canning have relations. He had his way with her in a greenhouse and she becomes pregnant again, but her older husband tries to kill her. I cannot remember the name of book or author. If this sounds familiar I would be great full for some suggestions. Jennifer Edit More.

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Hello, I am in search of three books I read many years ago. Probably about ish. The first I think is Harlequin Romance: A timid burly flannel shirt man who doesn't think he's worth loving. A farm house?

I think he was wet maybe from rain and needed a change of clothes??? I remember she approached him in the kitchen to kiss him.

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The second Historical Romance: Coastal town, pirate maybe but captain of ship and woman who faints around him. Either when he is around or kisses her. Unlikely romance. The third Historical Romance: Mostly what I remember is beautiful hand held fans. I think the Heroine made them or her family did.

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King, castle, court and so on. Really good book with great details. Thank you! Hi what a great site this is.


Red-Hot Nights: Daring in the Dark (24 Hours, Book 6) / Share the Darkness ( Mills & Boon M&B) - Kindle edition by Jennifer LaBrecque, Jill Monroe. Download it. After all, he's her fiancé Elliot's best friend. Red-Hot Nights: Daring in the Dark ( 24 Hours, Book 6) / Share the Darkness (Mills & Boon M&B): ePub First edition.

This book is really bugging me. I think I read it in about It's set in the mid to late victorian era at a northern english glass works.


The heroine is working class at the start and in love with a young working class boy. The first scene in the book is the pair ice skating together when there is an explosion at the works where many are killed including the heir to the works. Later on it turns out she is the illegitimate daughter of the owners son and heir who dies. Her grandfather comes to claim her as the new heir. She is then forced into marraige too a distant relation who is a bit of a cad and has many mistresses. I know his name is Alex or Alec. A twisted love triangle ensues.